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Gender Reveal Macarons - Pack of 12

Gender Reveal Macarons - Pack of 12

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Welcome to our enchanting world of Gender Reveal Macarons, where sweetness and anticipation come together to celebrate the exciting moment of discovering your baby's gender. Our specially crafted macarons are the perfect way to add a touch of delicious surprise to your gender reveal party.

With delicate shells in soft pastel hues, our Gender Reveal Macarons hold a delightful secret inside. Each macaron is filled with a luscious buttercream or ganache that reveals either a vibrant pink or a charming blue center when you take that first, tantalizing bite. It's a moment that will leave your guests in awe and create lasting memories.

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our Gender Reveal Macarons are the ideal treat to build excitement and share the joy with your loved ones. Imagine the anticipation as everyone gathers around, eagerly waiting to discover the hidden color within these exquisite confections.

Not only are our macarons a sensory delight, but they are also crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Made with high-quality ingredients, our macarons offer a perfect balance of delicate textures and delectable flavors that will leave you craving more.

Our Gender Reveal Macarons are more than just a sweet surprise—they are a symbol of love, family, and the joy of welcoming a new addition to your life. Share this special moment with your loved ones and capture unforgettable photos as you unveil the gender of your little one in the most delectable way possible.

Ready to add a touch of magic to your gender reveal celebration? Celebrate the wonder of life, the joy of anticipation, and the sweetness of love with our exquisite Gender Reveal Macarons. Order now and let the magic unfold as you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
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Is the price per person?

Yes, For booking spots for more than one person, please add it to the quantity tab.

Do you do private parties?

Yes, we would love to host your friends, family or team. Please contact us via email or phone to accommodate your specific needs. We can accommodate up to 8 people in a private class.

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Maximum number of registrants for a class is 6.