Meet Your Baker

Founded in 2022 by pastry artist Niharika, Sweet Star Bakeshop is all about making delicious and customizable cakes, cupcakes, cookies and gift boxes.

Ever since I was 14, I was intrigued by fondant and chocolate which later developed into my love for decorating baked goods. I enrolled myself into many classes and spent countless hours watching baking shows on TV.

After graduating from high school, I flew across the world from India in 2016 to join a baking and pastry arts course in Canada. Since then, I have not looked back. After gaining valuable experience over the years, I finally decided to open my own bakeshop to serve the amazing community I live in.

I met Raoul, my boyfriend in the summer of 2018 and he has been extremely supportive of my journey. You will find him helping me with baking, packaging and selling in our markets.

Come take a class with us at our studio in Streetsville, or shop online for treats. Book a tasting with us or just come say hi!

Why us?

The need for something custom and unique that represents you and your personality for celebrations and milestones for friends and family is on the rise. You deserve something special to represent every major moment in your life.

We cater to this trend with our baked goods and it's our mission to bring happiness and joy to each of your celebration, no matter how big or small through beautifully designed custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and gift boxes! We have something for everyone.

We specialize in custom decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies to celebrate your special milestone.